The Greyhound Inn is a historic pub located in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire, England. The building dates back to the 14th century, and has served as an inn since the 1700s. The pub’s name is likely a reference to the village’s longstanding association with greyhounds, and the inn has a cozy, traditional atmosphere with exposed beams and an open fire. Over the years, the Greyhound Inn has been a popular spot for locals and visitors alike to enjoy a pint and a meal.

Interesting fact!

The pub was once a stopping point for the famous stagecoach service that ran between London and Oxford in the 18th and 19th centuries. The inn’s central location made it a convenient spot for travelers to rest and refresh themselves during their long journeys.


From the publican to our amazing chefs,  our team are the beating heart of Greyhound

Take the time to get to know the faces behind bar, the notepad, and kitchen door and spark a conversation the next time you visit us. 


Head Chef    Dillon is a massively creative chef, and the glue that holds the kitchen together. Dedicated and hard working, he’s passionate about his food and delivering the best dishes for our guests


Assistant Manager   Meera is the Queen of functions, and if she isn’t busy prepping for our next big event shes organising our Live music every Friday and Saturday


General Manager Nick is passionate about delivering the very best to all the guests at the Greyhound. Nick is on the bar, on the floor or cooking up a storm in the Kitchen. When not at work, Nick loves spending time horse-riding with his daughters.


Host Sienna is the life and soul of The Greyhound who brings a little bit of sunshine with her every day. Sienna goes above and beyond for our guests with a keen eye for detail, and a rather sweet tooth.


Bar Supervisor Alex personifies excellence, and is always on hand to deliver crisp refreshment and witty remarks. He fancies himself a bit of a comedian, but his drinks are definitely better than his jokes. He is passionate about music, and you are always sure to find an opinion on any music, new or old He loves the pub as much as we love him

Gm Greyhound


Bar Supervisor Our very own little piece of paradise. Devon is originally from Abu Dhabi, and if he isn’t in the gym, he’s on hand to deliver the best in hospitality. Devon is a very big part of our family @ The Greyhound and always sure to brighten your day or assist a weary traveller.


Bar Supervisor Lauren is just lovely! Always coming to work with a great big smile on her face! With a thirst for knowledge and spring in her step, she will be pleased to meet you, Lauren is kind, caring and always ready to deliver the best.


Host Ashley is the Queen of the Restaurant, one of our busiest bees. She’s mad about Hockey and plays most weekends before work. Often at the Heart of every interesting conversation @ The Greyhound, it just wouldn’t be the same without her.